Feeling Safe

Sometimes we want to take a regular yoga class, learn how to make some yoga shapes, sweat, feel strong & flexible, meet some new people..... but it doesn't feel safe.

A number of things may feel unsafe in a yoga class, especially for trauma survivors:

  • the class is large and people are close together
  • the instructor dresses in revealing clothes
  • you're touched without being asked
  • the class involves partner work
  • students are singled out with compliments & criticisms
  • students are expected to wear tight 'yoga' clothing
  • there is little understanding of the triggering or dissociative potential of yoga props eg. straps and blocks
  • there is little understanding of the triggering or dissociative potential of metaphorical language eg. stand as though like a tree, rooted to the ground
  • although variations are offered, instruction is commanding in tone, rather than invitational
  • emphasis is placed on achieving an ideal, externally judged, shape

If any of the above have bothered you, it might be that a Trauma Informed Yoga class would suit you better.


What is a Trauma Informed Yoga Class?

An opportunity to take a yoga class with a trauma informed yoga teacher.

Your teacher will:

  • be informed about triggers, flashbacks, dissociative states & overwhelming emotions
  • make space for you to step out of any practice and any class
  • attend to dynamics of safety, especially as they might effect trauma survivors
  • have contact details of reputable trauma therapists


What a Trauma Informed Yoga Class is Not.

  • TIY classes are not therapy
  • participants will not be asked to share their trauma histories or to process their memories
  • although your TIY teacher may well be a therapist, a clinician or even a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, s/he will not be in the class to offer these services

These classes are trauma informed classes. As such, we understand that the content may be triggering. We encourage students to take any necessary steps in their self-care. No prior yoga experience needed.