how to live with a body

Our bodies are remarkable, designed to help us learn, play, create & relate. Sometimes, however, having a body is difficult.

Our experiences may include:

  • not being able to sleep or relax
  • feeling too sleepy and lethargic
  • needing to control our appetites
  • needing to harm or 'leave' our body
  • feeling uncomfortable, distressed or ashamed of our bodies
  • feeling physically sick, weak or in pain
  • feeling that our bodies are unpredictable or out of control

If any of the above have bothered you, it might be that a Befriending Your Body class would be helpful. 


what is a befriending your body class?

An opportunity to explore, with a trauma informed body worker:

  • how and why your body does what it does
  • how to create change in your body
  • how understanding your body may help you make friends with your body

Classes are light hearted and use a variety of teaching tools, including:



  • BYB classes are not therapy
  • participants will not be asked to share their trauma histories or to process their memories
  • although your BYB teacher may well be a therapist, a clinician or even a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, s/he will not be in the class to offer these services

Examples of BYB classes:

  • Anatomy of Forward Bending - how to touch your toes
  • Back Pain and the Breath - how to use your breath to relieve lower back pain
  • Breath & the Nervous System - using your breath to change how you feel
  • A Place of Safety - how our systems protect us from danger
  • Chronic Stress - why stress makes us ill
  • Balance - finding comfort & stability
  • The Warrior Series - feeling powerful
  • Taking up Space - working with habits of shame
  • Headstands & Handstands - working with habits of fear 
  • Core Strength - moving from the inside, out
  • Partner Work - exploring communication, safety & compassion

BYB is not considered useful if:

  • you have needed a hospitalisation within the last 6 months, for trauma related experiences

These classes are trauma informed classes. As such, we understand that the content may be triggering. We encourage students to take any necessary steps in their self-care. No prior yoga experience needed.