Feel free to schedule a phone call. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions & we can discuss:

  • the general suitability of my work
  • whether your interest is in 1-1 sessions or whether you'd like to join a small group or class

Often times it is also very useful for someone to hear my voice and to build a first impression. If you'd rather not use the phone you can always drop me an email.



If you already know which class or group you'd like to join, please make your enquiry here.

step two

At the end of our call I'll offer to follow up with an email summarising what we have discussed.

For those that are interested in 1-1 work I'll attach an Information Sheet which includes details on:

  • 1-1 assessments
  • 1-1 sessions
  • billing
  • confidentiality
  • therapeutic contracts
  • where I work

For those that are interested in joining a small group or class I'll include a link to the current timetable and invite you to make a provisional booking.

step three

After the call and follow up email, most people:

  • take some time to reflect - there is no time limit on this process
  • come back to me with more questions
  • schedule an assessment for 1-1 work
  • book onto a group or class

Some people will also choose not to continue the process.