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I Feel Therefore I Am

  • Hackney Children & Familes Service Hackney Service Centre 1 Hillman Street London E8 1DY United Kingdom (map)

The Yoga Clinic (UK) will be presenting a training day for Hackney Children and Family Services:

I Feel Therefore I Am

At the heart of relational abuse is a loss of relational safety. This loss undermines a neurological capacity - interoception - responsible for our felt sense of self.

"...It was a long process to consider myself not an outline.."

"[In the past] I would be the type of person, I would spend some time on the beach...I knew I was there because I saw my foot prints or else I would not have known I was there."

With this erosion of interoception comes a disruption of all capacities that rely on it. Notably this includes access to physically felt emotions - our guides in life and our basis for agency, free will, choice, self-care and dignity.

“I wasn’t able to feel if I was injured. I would completely ignore being hungry....”

At The Trauma Centre, Boston, clinicians, yoga teachers and survivors of complex trauma have been exploring how to re-establishing interoception, agency and a quite specific form of relational safety. 

The result is Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

"It was actually the first time that I started looking inward for what I needed rather than mimic what everyone else was doing."

"...I just really suddenly got the idea that I have a body and that I have control over it...that I’m the one that decides what my body does or doesn’t do...Just inhabiting my own skin is a major step forward. It allows me to be in my life...."

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the core theoretical underpinnings of the practice and be invited to participate in a short TCTSY practice.

No yoga experience, special clothes or equipment is necessary. This workshop is suitable for every level of physical ability.