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London Speciality School of General Practitioners, Annual Trainee Conference

  • Mary Ward House Bloomsbury Street London, WC1B 3QJ United Kingdom (map)

Alex Cat will be presenting to the London Speciality School of General Practitioners, Annual Trainee Conference.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga - A Tool for Everyday Stress

Trauma Theory is a rapidly expanding and interdisciplinary subject. Drawing on the work of neurologists, endocrinologists and attachment theorists, it is beginning to explain how and why some traditional Asian and African psychologies work.

In this introductory workshop we explore two contributions to the field - David Emerson’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory.

Although both are orientated towards Complex Trauma, each has profound implications for those of us living with the trauma of chronic stress - a work place experience sadly characteristic of today’s NHS GPs.

This workshop is intended to provide a conceptual base within which GPs might re-frame and reflect on both their stress reactions and triggers, but also equip GPs with practical, easy to use tools to help regulate their nervous systems.

No yoga equipment/clothing needed. No prior knowledge or yoga experience necessary.